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Working Together for Support and Awareness

Working Together for Support and Awareness

Winchester – The Black Walnut Group is a support group for men and their families dealing with a prostate cancer diagnosis. They know the importance of a simple PSA test to screen for cancer. And they know that patients and families need a helping hand during their cancer journey. Recently, at a Black Walnut Group meeting, the Eastern Ontario Prostate Cancer Awareness Committee made a $3,000 donation to the Winchester District Memorial Hospital Foundation to support WDMH’s cancer coach program.

As WDMH’s Cancer Coach, Michelle Renaud works with patients to identify their needs throughout the cancer journey and to help them develop a plan to meet their specific goals. She can answer questions about care, provide education and link to local community resources. This service is open to all cancer patients in our area and no referral is required. “We want to promote the cancer care coach program at WDMH and Michelle Renaud’s work with patient and families,” explains Tom Clapp of the Eastern Ontario Prostate Cancer Awareness Committee.

“The treatment and support go hand in hand,” adds Dave Black of the Black Walnut Group. “The support of friends, family and Michelle, the cancer care coach, is just as important as the treatment.”

At the presentation ceremony, WDMH Foundation Managing Director Kristen Casselman thanked the group: “As requested, your $3000 donation has been directed to our cancer care navigator fund. Thank you so much for this generous and thoughtful gift to help people through their cancer journey. Thank you as well for the efforts and hard work that were put into raising these funds.”

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