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Winchester Hospital Rings Bell to Celebrate Donors

Winchester Hospital Rings Bell to Celebrate Donors

Winchester – A new tradition at the WDMH Foundation is shaking things up – and waking people up too! The Foundation team has been having a lot of fun this past year, ringing a school bell loud and often to celebrate donors who give gifts of $1,000 or more.

“We get excited when a donor walks through our door, when the phone rings and when the mail
arrives each day,” noted Managing Director Kristen Casselman at the Annual General Meeting on
June 26th. “Every person who gives to the Foundation – and to health care close to home – has a
special reason and a special story to tell. As part of our job, we get to hear many of those wonderful
stories, and we get to know so many kind and generous people who truly value this hospital.”

At the AGM, smaller gifts were also celebrated. “Last year, we received 497 twenty-dollar gifts which totals $9,671 — almost $10,000! And since the Foundation began, we have received 9,671 twenty-dollar gifts – — and that totals $193,420 — or almost $200,000,” added Kristen. “Every donor and every gift is special to us.”

Outgoing Board Chair Tom Dawson echoed Kristen’s comments. “This has been another excellent year for the WDMH Foundation. Our donors are the reason for this. We are simply bursting with gratitude and the wonderful feelings of knowing that so many people care about WDMH. Thank you for the trust you have placed in our hands and for your ongoing commitment, care and generosity.”

In the past year, there were 4,515 individual gifts to the Foundation. As a result, 19 new pieces of
medical equipment were purchased, totaling almost $600,000.

At the meeting, Tom Dawson was thanked for his commitment of time and expertise and three new
Board members were welcomed: Wayne Burns, Tod King and Stephen McClellan. Peter Krajcovic is
the new Board Chair.

At the end of the meeting, Dwayne Holmes proposed a motion of appreciation to thank the Board of Directors, Kristen Casselman and her staff for their incredible work over the past year. The motion was passed unanimously.

Keep ringing the bell!

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