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Thousand Islands Elementary School Students Learn Yoga

Thousand Islands Elementary School Students Learn Yoga

Lansdowne – Thousand Islands Elementary School (TIES) students learned yoga Friday, discovering ways to stay fit and regulate their emotions.

Kelly McGann, an instructor with The Leger Room Yoga, led different classes in onehour sessions, teaching them poses and breathing exercises. Sessions were held
throughout the day, benefitting the school’s more than 300 students.

Principal Suzanne Morrison said the sessions were offered in partnership with the Township of Leeds and Thousand Islands. They are part of township efforts to offer
area residents greater opportunities for fitness.

Morrison was particularly interested in bringing yoga to TIES.

“Yoga is good for everybody,” said Morrison. “Yoga really helps you to ground yourself.  It lets you become internally relaxed and teaches students to let their own bodies tell them what they need. We hope it will help them be healthy and give them skills to regulate their emotions.”

The sessions were incredibly fun for the children, who worked individually and in pairs to learn poses such as Warrior 2 and the Butterfly and some modified poses geared
specifically for children.

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