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Rideau Centennial Elementary School Celebrates Canada 150

Rideau Centennial Elementary School Celebrates Canada 150

Portland – Rideau Centennial Elementary School celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday Wednesday with a variety of activities including a memory wall in the school’s main hallway and old-time games from the sixties.

“We felt it was important to celebrate and honour all the people who had a connection to Rideau Centennial throughout the years,” said Principal Dawn Bouchard. “This project was very powerful to our current population to learn about the impact Rideau Centennial had not only for themselves but for staff and students from generations before them. “

 Highlights of the day included:

·         A “school history timeline” to recognize the school’s 50 years, featuring pictures of classrooms from 1967 to the current school year – as well as student populations graphed on the wall in the main hallway.

·         A student-produced model of the town of Portland

·         The airing of a 50-minute documentary featuring interviews with current and past staff and students sharing their reflections on the school and what it meant to them. The documentary was produced by Rideau Centennial students.

·         Old-fashioned schoolyard games played with students from South Crosby Public School, invited as a transition activity to prepare Rideau Centennial students who will attend South Crosby when the school closes in June.

Pictured above: Rideau Centennial Elementary School student Presley McNee sports two Canadian flags to celebrate Canada 150 on Wednesday.

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