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Red Cross Funding for Flood Victims

Red Cross Funding for Flood Victims

Lansdowne – Due to the generous support from Canadians everywhere, Red Cross has announced flood impacted households will receive $600 in financial assistance. To be eligible, residents must be a homeowner or tenant whose primary residence has experienced water damage as a result of flooding between mid-April to mid-May 2017. Red Cross is a valued network in caring for those in need. “The Canadian spirit of giving and helping has been demonstrated locally and nationally,” expressed Mayor Joe Baptista. “In the weeks to come, the Red Cross will provide recovery assistance for the people most affected by this disaster, based on their needs,” stated Conrad Sauve, President and Chief Executive Officer of Canadian Red Cross. To register, donate and/or obtain more information visit

Leeds County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) continue to remind the public to practice safe boating on rivers and lakes: Slow down and be aware of the wake you create.  Water bodies remain littered with debris and wakes increase the impact of damage. “The OPP has generated a marine focus patrol dedicated to high presence in the area,” reported Acting Staff Sargent Josh Kingsley of the OPP.

Public Access Dock/Ramp Updates:

  • Public docks at Ivy Lea, Outlet, Rockport and Seeley’s Bay remain closed.
  • Boat ramps in Seeley’s Bay, Lyndhurst and Rockport are open.


High waters that resulted in localized flooding along the St. Lawrence River and inland lakes and rivers began approximately May 2nd.  Since that time the Township Emergency Control Group has met five times, over 3000 sand bags and 150 tonnes of sand have been provided to residents, and emergency services personnel have routinely patrolled roads and villages, canvassed door-to-door in high risk areas and assisted vulnerable and special needs residents.

“We continue to monitor water levels and flooding impacts,” assured Kimberly Almeida, the Township’s Community Emergency Management Coordinator. Residents are encouraged to visit the CRCA website: and the Health Unit website for general information on forecasts, well-water tips and recovery from flooding. Visit Parks Canada website for updates respecting local parks and campgrounds.

For more information, contact: Joe Baptista – Mayor, Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands at 613-561-4980, or Elaine Mallory – Public Information Officer for Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands at613-659-2415 ext. 212,

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