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Conclude your summer with a wee dram at Fort Wellington National Historic Site!

Conclude your summer with a wee dram at Fort Wellington National Historic Site!

Prescott – Parks Canada invites you to raise a glass at Fort Wellington National Historic Site for Canada 150. Join in on a daily alcohol ration in a rare evening whisky seminar at the historic fort. While beer was common for British troops in Upper Canada, today’s visitors to Fort Wellington have the rare opportunity to get a head start on the long weekend and taste some sensational whisky.

Parks Canada will be hosting its final whisky tasting of the Canada150 season at Fort Wellington with Just a Wee Dram Whisky Seminars on Thursday, August 31st from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sylvain Bouffard, a retired Colonel of the Canadian Armed Forces, will inspire the senses through a unique selection of fine whiskies. Guests will learn about whisky making and a variety of techniques of whisky sampling. Each tasting will be matched with specific food pairings that will bring out the flavours in each whisky. For returning guests, this final evening will feature whiskies different from those presented in the past. To make the experience even more authentic, the whisky will be served in special crystal sampling glass imported from Scotland. Whether new to whisky or an aficionado, the historic and possibly haunted blockhouse at Fort Wellington offers an authentic and intimate location that will inspire the senses.

A daily alcohol ration was an important tradition for soldiers serving during the War of 1812. It was believed that a daily drink would boost morale and enhance the sense of camaraderie between the soldiers. These whisky seminars enable Canadians to experience their rich history and heritage in a special way.

Don’t miss out on this unique, historical experience! Reserve your tickets now as space is limited. For more information and tickets call 613-925-2896 or email

Parks Canada is encouraging visitors to plan their trips and discover new and exciting destinations in 2017 by consulting Parks Canada’s website, or downloading the NEW Parks Canada Mobile App, for a list of hidden gems and other unique and memorable ways to celebrate Canada 150.

Quick Facts

·        Throughout a whisky seminar at Fort Wellington, each featured whisky will be paired with a food sampling that will bring out the flavours of the whisky. Tickets are available to those over the age of majority in Ontario for $59.95 per person.
·        The fort was first built during the War of 1812 to defend the St. Lawrence River shipping route from attack by the United States. Troops at the fort were called into active battle 2 km from Fort Wellington at the Battle of the Windmill during the 1837-38 Upper Canada rebellions.
·        At Fort Wellington, you can enlist in the Royal Artillery for the day and spend your time training to be a member of the fort’s cannon crew! With this mind-blowing, hands-on experience, you actually get to fire a 19th century muzzle-loading cannon.

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