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Cardinal Legion Catch the Ace Lottery Returns March 21st, 2018!

Cardinal Legion Catch the Ace Lottery Returns March 21st, 2018!

Cardinal – The Cardinal Legion Catch the Ace lottery returns this week with the first draw being scheduled for Wednesday, March 21st, 2018!

New for this round, the branch is jump-starting the draw by seeding the pot with $1500, a move that is sure to get the enthusiasm pumping early!

This will be the second round for this popular fundraiser at the Cardinal Legion. The first round saw the Ace hiding out until almost all of the cards in the deck had been drawn before the elusive Ace came out of hiding. Marie Armstrong of Spencerville took home winnings totaling $16,526.00! How long will it hold out this time? Only time will tell!

In what is best described as part 50-50 draw, and part luck of the draw; the jackpot accumulates from week-to-week until the Ace of Spaces is drawn thus ending the game. Tickets sell for $5 each, patrons choose a number from 1 to 52 that hasn’t already been drawn and write it on the back of their ticket with their contact info. All the tickets are poured into the barrel on draw night, a volunteer draws one lucky winner and the process continues weekly until the Ace appears.

The lucky winner gets 20% of the money that’s been raised so far; 50% of the funds raised go to the fundraiser and the remaining 30% is then added to the growing progressive pot.

Winning 20% of raised funds sounds like a pretty good deal, but if that lucky winner’s envelope produces the Ace of Spades, they will also win the cumulative pot.

Organizers look forward to the build of excitement in the coming weeks as the pot builds, and more and more winners are announced. The draw is held weekly on Wednesday at 7:00 PM.  Cut off for ticket purchase is 15 minutes before the draw.

Be sure to get your tickets early and get in the game! Contact the Cardinal Legion at (613) 657-4735 or e-mail

Featured photo: Jasper and Mason Armstrong, son and daughter of Marie Armstrong who was the Cardinal Legion’s first Catch the Ace Draw winner in January.  Photo by Tammy Wilson


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