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Hometown TV12 Calendar of Events

Hometown TV12 Calendar of Events

**Please Note: If there is a category not here please let us know and we will add it.

We are currently testing a new calendar on our site.

It is now set up so the public can post directly from this page.

To post an event:

  1. Click on “Add Event” this button can be found at the top of bottom of the actual calendar.
  2. Enter your e-mail address
  3. Add title of event in “Title” area
  4. Paste or type in your event in the “Description” area – you can also upload and add posters and photos in this area. Please don’t use the “ADD IMAGE” area at the bottom
  5. Leave “Background colour” empty
  6. “Location” (optional) add event information and street address here or add it in the description
  7. Choose “Date” of event
  8. Choose “Time” of event start
  9. Choose duration of event ***Please not: leave this to the last to do before you save. For some reason if you don’t it reverts back to 1 hour.
  10. Choose event “Category”
  11. For multiple days, weekly, monthly, etc use “This Event Repeats”

If you have any problems please e-mail us at dcemediaproductions@gmail.com



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3 thoughts on “Hometown TV12 Calendar of Events

  1. Austin Pearce

    I am not seeing either of the issues that you have reported. There may be an issue with your current version of Adobe Flash player or there could be an issue with the browser that you are accessing the site through. I will continue to look into the issues Thank you for pointing out the problem- Austin

  2. I have also taken a look and so far no issues in Chrome, Firefox of Edge. Still have to check Internet Explorer.

    What browser are you using?


    1. c.j. eagleson

      I have no idea which browser we are using now – will check with my resident tech and maybe it is just a case of a missed update.


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