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Write Time: Thrifty doesn’t have to mean Cheap!

Write Time: Thrifty doesn’t have to mean Cheap!

When a person hears the word thrifty or frugal, sometimes the word cheap comes to mind. However, that should not be the case because being thrifty is all about being a smart spender.

You can choose to have top quality products and service without breaking the bank. Knowing what is available and being familiar with what product or service you are looking for is the key. For instance, I was recently in the market for a new ring, so I visited some jewelry stores in the area trying to get an idea of the style I wanted. Now the ring I envisioned was a larger ticket item, but I had a plan on making it happen without skimping on quality and without drawing from my savings.

I made an appointment with Carol Palko from Palko Jewellery Design in Brockville. I knew Carol and her husband Chris have been running a reputable business for over 20 years now and have trusted them in the past with some repairs. Carol was more than obliging to meet with me at a time that was convenient for me and she even delayed going to a birthday party so that I could have a time that best suited my schedule. 

I showed up on her doorstep with a box of older jewelry in tow and an inspired idea. I wanted to transform an elegant pendant into a showy statement ring using a not so hefty amount of cash since I was treating myself for no apparent reason other than my desire for something new and sparkly. 

Carol quickly set to weighing up the pieces of worn and damaged gold giving me an instant credit on my pending bill. We agreed that Chris would remove all stones from the various pieces even the very tiny accent gems to be used in a later creation or two. I must admit I made a second trip back with some reclaimed pieces from my husband who had long decided against wearing a thick gold chain from his younger years and an over sized ring that was flashier than he ever wanted in the first place. Another credit to apply to my final bill meant I was now able to get the ring for a fraction of the price I would pay elsewhere.

I selected a ring style to my liking with Carol’s help based on the size of the stones I had. This way would be simpler and more cost effective since I did not require a completely customized piece which Palko’s is better known for. In fact, I have seen some of the intricate designs that Chris and Carol have produced for clients, and they are absolute pieces of art often with touching stories behind them. 

I too, now have some gems that will be set into something special for my grand-kids when they are old enough to appreciate the sentimental value that goes with it.  And after Chris skillfully set the stones, I also have a ring with the bling factor I was looking for without busting the piggy bank or settling for less.

Next time you want a big-ticket item at a reasonable price with great customer service and attention to quality think outside the big box stores and buy from a family business that cares about more than their bottom line. Remember being thrifty and frugal can result in some very creative ideas and glamorous gifts even if it’s for you!

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