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Write Time: A Look in My Grocery Cart

Write Time: A Look in My Grocery Cart

What would you find???

If I ran into you in the grocery store there is a pretty good chance you would find a bag of chips in my grocery cart. It is my weakness and sometimes my reward for making it through another week.

You might also find pie and ice cream for those loved ones that don’t share the same diet restrictions as me. Heck, you could even find a cake or pop that I was asked to pick up for my parents who like to indulge in a well-deserved treat after a long day minding the vegetable gardens.

Maybe I am having a _ _ _ _ it day and just crave a gluten-free cupcake topped with icing….just because!

Yes, you will find a mountain of cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots, but you might find a cookie too.

The one thing I can promise is that when you look up at me, the person pushing the cart, you will not find a judgemental person looking back. You will see a friendly face greeting you with a smile because I am more interested in saying hi than seeing what’s in your cart.

Just like we all have baggage from our past we too might also have a bag or two of chips in our grocery cart.

That my friends is Life! We are human!

Embrace it and own it, imperfect grocery cart and all!

Tanya Hammond @writetime.ca

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