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Rambling On: Spreading Peace and Love

Rambling On: Spreading Peace and Love

I see people checking my page, and I know I haven’t posted in a while. The things on my mind lately can’t really be posted publically. At least not the full story yet, in any case.

I have been having adventures with printers lately. For the last year, every time Microsoft updated Windows 10 they screwed up my printer. I’ve had a few words with Microsoft, but that was only because they popped up on my screen one day asking what I thought of Windows 10. They even went so far as to list some possible problems and ask if I was having any of them. Well, yes MS, and I tried really hard to tell you, but there does not seem to be a place to report such things, except to your virtual assistant. The problem with that is that if the problem has not been reported previously (which, as I said, isn’t possible) the assistant cannot help either.  But obviously, you are aware that Win10 is capable of making peripherals inoperative since you had that problem on the list. Do something about it, and do it quickly! I have some big print jobs coming up and I don’t  trust you not to update at just the wrong moment.

On a more fun note, the Christmas card exchange I got in on was such a success that we have decided to do another exchange for February. I’ve found it much easier to design cards this time. At Christmas, it felt like it had all been done before, and fresh ideas were hard to come by. February has lots of holidays and even if I just go with hearts and flowers for Valentines Day, I can come up with some cute ideas all on my own. In the process, I’ve discovered a few great techniques that I’m sure I’ll use for years to come.  Part of that is because I have not always been able to simply print designs from my sketchbook as some do, due to the problem mentioned above. I was forced to create all new hand-painted cards, but now I’m actually glad of that.

I’m being asked to share what I’m doing on Facebook, but there are members of the group I’m sharing cards with on there, and the big reveal isn’t until the end of February, so I don’t want to spoil any surprises. Also, since I expect to reuse some of these ideas over time I don’t want my family and friends to end up receiving something they’ve already seen online either.  I can show you the cards I received for the Christmas exchange though, from others around the world.  There are so many different styles. Some people had their paintings printed as cards while others painted each one individually. One lady even made the paper she painted hers on and another printed her cards but created the linocut for her prints herself.  There are so many talented people out there.

 Creating and exchanging cards with people throughout the world is not only fun but a great way to share peace and love…..which is what we are doing for Valentines Day.  I hope this gang continues this practice for a few more holidays.

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