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Rambling On: Spending my Prizes

Rambling On: Spending my Prizes

Last year at this time I was telling you about the lovely basket of gifts I won from the merchants of Almonte. The contest was to promote the town, and it worked as I had not been there for many years and was surprised at the amazing changes in the place. It’s not just a pretty village anymore. It’s well worth the visit now, to shop and eat and spend the day.  We’ve been back several times since then and I’ve told lots of people about it.

So, while I had won some amazing prizes by this time last year, worth hundreds of dollars, this year I’m winning on a much smaller scale.  Yesterday I got to go and collect a couple of my freebies.  First, I had a certificate that I got from Kelloggs that I could spend on a $10 toy. I didn’t figure I’d get much for that but when I walked into Toys R Us, one of the first things I saw was a game that the grandsons had been asking for just a couple of weeks ago. How could I pass that up? It’s not the big board version but a compact one that folds into its own case and is easy to store. Just the thing for Nana’s house! And hey, it was $9.99 so I got to spend the whole coupon, which is great as they don’t give you change. I expect I’m going to have a break from our ongoing Mille Bornes challenge while I figure out who done it while playing Clue.

After that, I went for lunch and used a gift certificate I won from New York Fries for a free regular poutine. I asked if I could upgrade that to one with the works and was told that the regular, in this case, referred to the size, and I could have anything I wanted on it.

So while I had a calorie-laden lunch for free, my hubby ate more sensibly but it cost him over $10 for his salad.

I still have a $10 Walmart gift card to spend too, but I haven’t decided what I want to shop for yet. I won it on Facebook from a page that promotes freebies called Mae-Mae’s Freebies. A lot of the offers there are just for people in the United States, but I won it so soon after I joined the page I didn’t realize that yet. Occasionally there is something for Canada or other places too though, and the odds are good for the contests as competition isn’t all that big yet. But it is growing.

Anyway, I am still having some luck, though nothing like last year. That’s fair. It’s not good to be greedy. After so many years of never winning anything at all, I’m still quite amazed when I win something and actually thrilled with even these little prizes.

People are still asking me how I win. The only advice I can give is, you can’t win if you don’t enter.

That goes for life in general. You can’t succeed at anything unless you are willing to go do it.

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