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Rambling On: Fresh Start – Week One

Rambling On: Fresh Start – Week One

New beginning number one (art) is going to interfere with new beginning number three (losing weight). I have now signed up for an online art course, and between watching videos, and following links and doing assignments, I find myself firmly planted on my butt.  That’s certainly not going to reduce the size of it.

For new beginnings number two (de-cluttering) I’m following the Home Solutions  Declutter 365 web page that breaks things down so you have a 15 minute mission to accomplish each day.  My first 15 minute chore went on for half an hour and still wasn’t finished because my step stool had mysteriously disappeared over the holidays. But just the idea that it took that long to clean off, (and clean up) my kitchen counter meant it really needed it.  Yet I know my counter is much neater than some I’ve seen, so if you haven’t done yours yet, get to it! Start at one end of the counter, take things off to clean under them. Sort through that stuff and put things that don’t belong there away, or get rid of them.

After cleaning and decluttering surfaces, we have now moved on to the drawers. A couple of years ago, when I cleaned out my over-stuffed utensil drawer, I put all the useful things I don’t tend to touch into a box and took them to the basement. If I found I needed something, I knew where to find it. Anything left in that box now will be disposed of. I suppose I should have done that sooner. This time, when I did that drawer, the only things I found that I felt I could remove, were a handful of plastic straws. They got moved to my studio, as now I like to blow paint and ink around to create interesting abstract designs.

The drawing course is a lot of fun, and not too hard, even for me…..so far, anyway. It’s called How to Draw Without Talent, and I found it at Sketchbook Skool.  Some people are very talented. I think they inherit it from someone and are able to translate the world around them into some form of expression the rest of us can only marvel at. I may have some talents, but drawing is not one of them. It has taken me a long time to be able to paint pictures that I feel are good enough to even give away, but I’ve been working at that for years. I can’t draw, according to instructor Danny Gregory, not because I don’t have talent, but because nobody has ever taught me any of the basic skills. Yes, I can see, but I can’t translate what I see to paper. I hope this class, or klass as they call it, will change all that.

Danny says learning to draw is actually easier than learning to drive. Well, I can’t drive either, but then, I’ve never actually tried to learn how. This week I have learned the basic components of drawing.  I took steps to learn to copy lines, curves, angles and spots or circles. Instead of drawing actual things, I had to try to duplicate abstract patterns containing these elements. It wasn’t easy, but it was fun. I had trouble with just one of them and thought I wasn’t getting the angles and perspective right.  But when I looked at it the next day, I saw exactly what I had left out, and fixed it with no trouble at all. That gave me the confidence to try to duplicate an ad that had come in the mail. I don’t think I did too badly. So already this course is working.

Danny makes us draw with a pen, so that we will commit to our lines. That makes it even scarier for me, as I know I can’t erase even the most glaring mistakes. I did this one with a ball point pen so it doesn’t show up as well as I would hope, but I have just purchased a couple of nice new black pens to work with in the future.

So, to summarize week one: I’m learning the basic skills behind learning how to draw; the kitchen is looking neat and tidy and I’ve started on the drawers; and I’ve somehow lost three pounds, but that may be because I’ve been too busy to snack.  Hey, whatever works!

How are you doing with your project?

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