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My View From The Zoo: So glad to be home at long last!

My View From The Zoo:  So glad to be home at long last!

It hardly seems like it’s been 5 months since my last post, but it has. 

I started dozens of writings in that time that for one reason or another never got to “done.”  
Most recently, I’d had several attempts while staying at the Lodge for radiation treatments where I couldn’t get my computer to log into my blog for reasons unknown.  I’d initially thought that it was because it was to one e-mail account and I’d logged in from another.  I’d tried logging into it as well, and also tried logging out of everything and back into only that e-mail and that didn’t solve it.  I’m still befuddled on that score. 
It didn’t help that the laptop kept insisting on upgrading to Windows 10, which seemed to work for a short time but then after an update kept reverting back to a previous version of windows.  This process would render the machine useless for hours at a time.  By then I’d be on to something else. 
Suffice it to say that my laptop and I were not besties during much of my cancer treatments.  
I am grateful for my teddy bear who loaned me his laptop several times so that I wouldn’t be bored silly, but oddly I couldn’t seem to get logged in to my blog from it either.  This machine has always auto-logged me in, so it remains a mystery.  
So much has happened since my last post. way too much to write in the space of one blog. 
I am happy to report however that I finished my last chemo treatment just prior to Christmas.  My radiation treatments started at the end of January, ran through February and finished at the beginning of March.  
It was a long haul but I’m happy to have completed those two legs of the journey.  I’m just a few weeks into the hormone therapy now (anti-hormone therapy perhaps) and follow up with both oncologists in two separate appointments in May. 
The hair I was told would start coming back 6 months after chemo was already starting to come in as I approached the 1 month after chemo. 
I’m still laughing about how I’d seen the dark mark on the front of my head and tried to wash it off.  It really looked like ink transfer, perhaps dry skin or even dirt but I thought it might have come from one of the hats. 
 Imagine my surprise a few days later when there was a large patch on top of my head and I realized that I had been trying to wash off was actually 5 O’clock shadow on my head!  
It’s funny now, but it wasn’t so funny at the time.  
I thought that the medzone living would bring a slow-down, but quite the opposite.  We got home and things seemed to pick up where the left off in many respects though for sure bedtime was coming up a lot sooner.  It’s amazing to me how tired you get when you actually let yourself stop moving for a bit. 

In any case, It feels great to be HOME o our grandkids and kids, to our pets, and to life in general.  Not that we ever truly went away — being in Ottawa and working sure isn’t the same as being in my home office.

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