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My View From the Zoo: On Facebook Memories, and Trips Around the Sun

My View From the Zoo: On Facebook Memories, and Trips Around the Sun

Celebrating 7 years of community

Facebook memories are a funny thing. Sometimes the items it chooses to share remind you of a time you’d forgotten about or perhaps just when something transpired.

I love seeing the archived photos of days gone by, of our 3 (not so) little (anymore) bears, and now our grandchildren reminding us just how much they’ve grown in what seems like so little time.

Today my newsfeed starting popping up with posts I’d shared from my days at BNTV Brocknews. I have to admit it made me giggle. Hard to believe that as of this month I’ve been working with Dale Elliott for 7 years.

To say the least it has been an adventure. I’d been talking to a friend I’d made through volunteering about a writing gig I’d been offered that turned out to be a complete farce. Of course I wouldn’t find this out until I was a month in of putting in some pretty long hours but such is life. I was just getting back on my feet after a long med-zone patch and I was looking for something to sink my time and enthusiasm into. I am grateful that it was only ONE month.

In any case, upon hearing the tale this fellow told me about a friend of his that could likely use my time and talents. His assessment of the position, and the man intrigued me and I set about sending an introduction letter.

And so began my adventures with Dale Elliott, who I’ve come to call the Road Runner. It has been a pleasure to work with and for a man who has become as much a friend as he has a colleague. To say the very least, we’ve been through a lot together in the last 7 years.

I was with Brocknews for 3 years when it embarked on a new adventure and merged with Country Multimedia to become EON. Sadly what could have been just wasn’t meant to be. As with most things that don’t move forward well when everyone isn’t on the same page or even in the same book. Dale made the tough choice to go back out on his own with Hometown TV12. Few were surprised a few weeks later when I made my own announcement that for a variety of reasons, I too would be leaving EON.

Change is often a scary thing and I wasn’t crazy about the idea of starting over, but it has been a wonderful opportunity to reach out and reconnect with a variety of people in the community that are making “sh-tuff” happen (as my good friend always says) and let them know we’re still here working away and are just as committed as we have always been.

I have immense gratitude for the many friends and viewers that have stuck with us from the beginning and continue to ride along with us as we serve up the daily news for Leeds & Grenville. Not a day goes by when I don’t get to meet someone new, or learn about something happening in our community that I was not aware of before. It has been a fantastic journey, and I don’t regret a single minute of it.

Onward and upward!


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