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My View From the Zoo: It’s all fun and games til the fish swim out of the tank!

My View From the Zoo: It’s all fun and games til the fish swim out of the tank!

Today would be a bittersweet day, I’d told myself going into Tuesday morning.  After all, we’d over done it walking Monday, and had the appointment at the cancer clinic so we were tired – not the best start – but today would have been Dad’s birthday.  That alone overshadows almost everything.  

All things being relatively equal I really didn’t have high hopes for a great day, but I wasn’t plotting for a bad one either.  If the day passed quietly, I’d have been just fine. 

Apparently this was not to be the case.  

I’d planned to do something special to mark the day, but here we were and I’d still come up empty as to what I wanted to do.  I’d thought about planting something in the garden but it’s still too darned cold.  I’d given consideration to getting another squirrel or two for the garden paying homage to his love of feeding his “little buddies” but I just haven’t seen any yet.  I am at a loss. 

My hubby was barely out the door when the phone started ringing and as I collected my things to get into the box and on with the day I noticed a puddle on the floor.  As I muttered to myself about how the darned dog had just been outside and didn’t need to pee in the house (yet again) as I went to get the mop,  I noticed a small leak on our fish tank dripping onto our hard wood floor.  Okay puppy, you get a pass this time..  

Seems our prolific gaggle of guppies have been rather rowdy lately and the caulking has let go in a couple of spots.  OH whatta mess!!  35 gallons is a lot of water to be puddling out onto the floor. 

So so grateful that hubby was able to turn around and come back home.  I don’t even want to think about how that might have gone.  

Turns out our spare tank has a leak after being stored in the garage for a couple of years.  Yeah it’s been that kinda week (so far).  

Oddly enough I heard my Dad’s laughter when we were in the thick of it yesterday.  I blame/credit him for my warped sense of humor.  He’d have been amused by the thought of us chasing the waterfall and bailing fish.  He’d likely remind me of the time my sister was bouncing on a chair next to the fish tank and her head went through it.  We were walking on towels for days and picking up dead fish all over the rec room.  Ah childhood memories.. LOL 

I read somewhere the other day that the way we speak to our children becomes their inner voice.  I believe it.  For years, I’ve heard my Dad’s voice in my head giving me advice, scolding me, telling me what I should be doing..   see?  I’m not crazy!  Well maybe just a little.. <Grin>   

My little sister texted me this morning to wish me Happy Dad’s birthday.  Though we both agree it doesn’t seem so happy without him here.  I have to wonder if he knew how much we’d miss him.. warped bits and all. <3 

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