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My View From the Zoo: In the Quietest Moments

My View From the Zoo:  In the Quietest Moments

It is in the quietest moments that we remember most everything.  It could be as simple as the laundry list of things you didn’t get done the day before, but it can also be the time when that little voice comes out to taunt you.  

Lately, mine’s been given me hassles a-plenty.  She can be a real mean little B sometimes.  She knows all my faults, fears, and secrets, and she plays dirty.  

Sometimes she comes in the form of a familiar voice: my Dad, my mother-in-law, my teddy-bear.  All too often lately, I have to admit she’s right.  I do NOT have to like it.  

This week’s scrutiny has been about the ever-growing plate of “stuff” and the how little of “my” stuff is staying on the plate.  I can start out with a list of 10 things I personally want to get done in a day; by day’s end I may have accomplished 30 things but the list of “my” things doesn’t seem to have a dent in it.  

There is also that part of me that’s scrambling to get things done before the weekend so I don’t have to worry about it if I’m not up to taking care of it.  Not surprisingly so many offers of help before the big day didn’t come to fruition and we’re left winging it.  

I keep promising myself that I’ll take time out to (fill in the blank) but then the phone rings or a message comes in with something that seems more pressing than whatever I’d had in mind and the moment is gone. I really need to be more diligent about finding that me time.  We’ve been looking at the calendar a lot lately and at all the things we’re up to and involved in, and somewhere in the shuffle we’ve forgotten to plan downtime and recreation — can you imagine? 

I am being constantly reminded by friends and family that the big C brings with it somewhat of a mandatory slow down.  My arguments that I will do as much as I can for as long as I can have not been particularly well received.  Even still, there’s a fine line between taking some downtime and slipping into the abyss. A big part of me refuses to forget what feeling stranded was like.  I don’t want to revert back to a wheelchair or be stuck in bed. I am aware that my attention and focus need to shift for a bit and I’m already all over that.  It will be an adjustment.  

I’ve been following a great group on Facebook for a while now.  I try to post regularly but sometimes the muse leaves me hanging in my tea. The group is Facebook support for Business, and is business oriented but I have found myself also applying the concept to my personal life in that Monday motivator got me in the mindset of not only choosing a business thing to tackle each week but also got me thinking of my personal honey-do list which is equally as important.  We truly do not give enough thought to self-care as we plod through our lists of things we do for everybody else every day!!

This week’s project is going through a variety of blog drafts and blog tangents.  Bloggus-interuptus you could say.  The muse left mid-post or the blog went on too long.   There have been a number of comments on how I haven’t posted in a while.  

I have also been contacting a variety of contacts and clients, just to reconnect and regroup as needed.  It’s amazing the value of a “Hey, I thought about you today!”  to someone’s day.  I’ve rekindled a couple of writing projects I’d been percolating in the process.  

I’m calling it a win 🙂 

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