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My View From the Zoo: Checking off Milestones

My View From the Zoo: Checking off Milestones

Today marks the end of a week of milestones for our family. Taking posession of our home 12 years ago (August 2nd), The 1st anniversary of Bosco’s arrival to our family (August 4th), My sister-inlaw’s birthday (August 6th), and today our 21st anniversary.

I remember our 4th anniversary and waking up to tell my teddybear that he’d done what no man had ever done, and I hugged him and congratulated him for having broken my personal record of 3 years and having loved me for 4 years. He told me I was crazy, and I’d agreed. He’d met my family, I figured he’d done his homework. LOL.

Today is the anniversary of a day that would change my life forever in ways that I could never have imagined.

How can it be that this was 21 years ago?

I often joke that I finally found everything I had ever wanted, or rather HE found ME, when I’d stopped looking. Isn’t that always the way? Then again for me, nothing has ever gone in the order it was supposed to. That doesn’t mean that the accomplishments aren’t appreciated anyway.

In light of all the med stuff lately, I find myself thinking of all the things I’d have missed if Ovarian Cancer had won 23 years ago. I didn’t think I’d be celebrating this year’s milestone with breast cancer but you don’t always get to pick your own ‘gifts.’

I was chatting yesterday with a fellow I went to high school with. Wow, was it really 30 years ago? He was checking in to see if I’d be attending the reunion at the end of the month. Unfortunately that is not in the cards at this time.

I was thinking about how somehow I’d managed to get everything I’d ever wanted upon leaving high school. I always wanted to be a mom, more than anything. Just my luck that I would connect with a man who had 3 little bears that he was happy to share with me after ovarian cancer ruined that plan for me.

I could have done without the ex-wife, and the extended family but it certainly kept things interesting.

I have the love of an amazing man, and we’ve even welcomed the prestiegious titles of Grandma and Grandpa! I’m one of the few from my high school Journalism class that’s working in local media as well. Sometimes you just have to pause and think about all the great things you have achieved, and the wonderful things you have.

Grandma and Grandpa’s Pride and Joy. (Adrianna gets to be pride because she came first 🙂 )

In hindsight perhaps I should have also wished for good health. We always forget something…

Today I will also get the follow up after my lumpectomy. Here’s hoping James is right and our anniversary will bring us luck.

As far as I’m concerned, either way it’s all going to be OK. I have the love of a good man, and all the hugs and smiles I can handle from our grandbabies among other wonderful friends and cherished family members. There is no other option to consider.

We have our grandson today and get to pick up our granddaughter this afternoon til Mommy and Daddy are done work. We are looking forward to celebrating this weekend with the Rails to Trails festival, Ribfest, as well as attending the wedding of one of the first friends I made when I moved to Brockville many moons ago.

Now the medical sh-tuff just needs to cooperate so that our list can be fulfilled. 🙂


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