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Gabbing With Gramma Gretch: Exercising

Gabbing With Gramma Gretch: Exercising

Well, here I am again; just sitting down with my morning coffee.  I hope you will join me.

Here it is, September and like so many of us my thoughts go to joining something to break up the long winter.  I do go to a writing group once a week but that doesn’t do much for the rest of my body.  I also love to knit and crochet so I have very physically fit fingers!  Sadly the rest of me could use a healthy workout.

Well, to be honest, when it comes to exercise I haven’t been very successful.  Now it isn’t like I don’t try because I really do. When I say exercise I actually mean some form of dancing because any other kind of physical activity seems to be just beyond me.

I tried yoga and I was terrible and to make things worse I farted in class!  I gave a regular exercise class a chance.  I went once; couldn’t keep up, forgot to bring water and kept turning in the opposite direction of everyone else.  It was like being on a bumper car ride at the fair.   I joined the local health club and sat in the hot tub while everyone else was swimming.

I wanted to try line dancing but knew without a doubt I would kill myself or the person next to me.  It’s just that my body and feet won’t cooperate with the beat of the music.  I seem to be going one way when everyone else is going the other.  I’m up when they’re down and I move left when they move right.

So you see I have made the effort and that was when I discovered belly dancing.  I actually gave this 150% because I was sure that would be the magic answer.  I had seen the teacher put on a demonstration and she was beautiful and graceful beyond words.  I could close my eyes and picture me in that exquisite outfit, bare feet, and scarf with coins dangling off of it; my body just swaying to the music.  It looked so easy; in my mind.

I showed up with high expectations and lesson number one was a cinch.  We walked around the room with our arms out!  I was brilliant and then she said move your arms up and down like a snake making sure when one arm went up, the other went down.  Well, my right arm was a beautiful snake while my left looked like it had been hit by a car and was flailing in pain.  The instructor tried not to look at me.

Shoulder shimmies were next.  You must only move the upper half of your body; first slowly and then you pick up speed.  Surprisingly enough I could actually do this movement but only when I was sitting on the floor.  As soon as I stood up everything shimmied.  Once again the instructor tried not to look in my direction.

The teacher continued bravely adding movements each week.  Up to this point, I was able to complete nothing that even resembled what the teacher or many of the students were doing.    I was a failure and about to pack it in when it was time to learn to shimmy.  I had a beautiful coin belt that made lots of noise and I began to shake with enthusiasm.  I was a success!  As I was slightly more endowed than many in the group once I started to shimmy I could stand perfectly still and nature just took its course.  My little rolls just kept on going and my belt jangled frantically.  The only problem was there is more than just one movement in belly dancing but I was optimistic and hung into the end of the term.

A few weeks before the course ended we were taught a short routine and given a tape of the music to practice at home.  There would be a final recital.  I worked at my one armed snake.   I practiced my sitting down shoulder shimmies.  I jangled my belt.  I did not show up for the recital.

I now listen to the wonderful music and watch the odd video of these gorgeous, talented women in the exotic costumes.  I respect them highly and I believe somewhere out there is a belly dance teacher who thanks her lucky stars every day that I decided to find a new form of exercise.  Well actually I haven’t found a new form of exercise yet but I’m sure the right one will come along and in the meantime, I will continue having beautiful, healthy fingers.


Rhyme for the day:

Exercise is wonderful

Well that’s what I’ve been told

When you find the one you like

It’s just like striking gold

I know that is a fact my friend

Because it’s happened to me

I excel at eating cookies

And drinking hot coffee


Thanks for having coffee with me!


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