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Gabbing with Gramma Gretch: The hearts and flowers month

Gabbing with Gramma Gretch: The hearts and flowers month

I just poured a fresh cup of coffee as I struggled with the month of February.   What am I going to write about?

Of course, Valentine’s Day comes into mind as it does for all young lovers except I am neither young nor a lover so this presents a problem.  As a widow there is no doubt that I will not be receiving a beautiful bouquet of roses.  But in all honesty, I did not receive them when my husband was alive.  Not that he didn’t love me; but he was not one to go out and buy gushy cards, boxes of heart shaped chocolates or roses by the dozen.  As a matter of fact his theory was if you want to do something special, do it when it feels right not just because the calendar tells you it is time.

Once in a while I would wake up to the smell of breakfast cooking and know I was going to be treated to breakfast in bed.  I would lie there pretending to be asleep and wait for him to come into the bedroom.  He would gruffly call, “Hey, Gretch, it’s time to get up!”  I would play the game and sit up startled only to find him standing there with, my favourite; French toast with maple syrup.  I would happily plump up my pillows and he would sit on the edge of the bed and watch me as I enjoyed every morsel of the breakfast made with love.   What could possibly compete with that?

Summer would roll around and he would come into the kitchen with a bouquet of lilacs he had taken time to pick for me knowing it was my favourite.  I would fill a vase and set them in the middle of the table and smell the sweet aroma of love as it filled the house.  Once again for me, it would hands down beat a dozen roses from the florist.

My first heart shaped box of valentine candies actually was given to me by my stepfather on the first year he married my mom.  He bought one for her, my stepsister and me.  What a kind gesture.

So perhaps I am looking at the month of February in all of the wrong way.  It is not the month of hearts and flowers but a tribute to love.  Old love that comes with memories, new love that comes with hope, and young love that comes with laughter.

I think when I started sharing my thoughts over coffee with you this morning I thought about February as being the month of young love.   Now as I pour my second cup I realize it isn’t that all.   It’s a tribute to love in every size and shape; every age group, young and old.  It’s about reliving memories of love and looking for a future with love in it.

On Valentine’s Day, It doesn’t matter if you get a box of chocolates because memories are sweet.  If no roses appear at your door, love blooms forever in your heart.

Rhyme for the day

Roses are red and violets are blue

Tis the month of candy and red roses too

But it’s also the time to say I love you

And thanks for the things you say and you do

It’s for moms and for dads and friends far and wide

It’s not just for the “about to be brides”

So on Valentine’s Day take a moment to say

I think you’re special, have a great day!


Thanks for sharing your coffee with me and may every day be Valentine’s Day and I think you’re special in every way!

By Gretchen Huntley

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