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Gabbing With Gramma Gretch: New Year’s Resolutions

Gabbing With Gramma Gretch: New Year’s Resolutions

Hope you have time for coffee!    It is now 2018 and like so many of us, my thoughts turn to New Year’s Resolutions.  Mine never seems to change; I am going to try to lose weight.  I go through this every year but alas to no avail.

I have tried many different weight loss programs but for some unknown reason, I never quite succeed.  Something always seems to stand in my way.  My daughter tells me it might be my attitude but I find that hard to believe.  I have a very positive attitude on this topic and I am always right, as I positively never lose any weight.  I have read up on all of the latest fads and then tell myself it won’t work so let’s just move on to something else.  Thus begins my quest for the perfect solution.

One of the little gems I have tried over the years was the “eat many tiny meals in one day” program.   Oh now I loved that one, but I ate many “not so tiny meals in one day” and gained weight.  Then there was the one that helps you to understand yourself better and then you will figure out why you don’t lose.  I really did some soul searching on this one and decided my problem was pretty simple.  I have little to no willpower and I love cookies.

I even tried Weight Watchers.  So many people have success with this and I envy them, but once again it was not for me.   I went the first week and got weighed.  I listened to the wonderful talk they gave and was actually quite stimulated but I think I had started out with the wrong attitude.  You see, I knew they would weigh me so I wore extra clothes just in case I didn’t lose the next week.  I really gave it some effort for one whole week and then went back with fewer clothes on and of course, I had lost weight.  Then we came to the third week and have worn as little as possible the week before I had nothing to remove before the weigh-in so I decided it would be best to stay home.  I did not return.

I then discovered the free computer weight loss program.  You just typed in what you ate and the program calculated how many calories you had used and how many left for the day.  Oh, this was right up my alley.  I managed every day to have enough calories left over for a snack at night!  I gained weight.  Apparently, you are not supposed to guess your portions but measure them.  If you eat a cookie that you shouldn’t have you must still count it.   That didn’t seem quite fair to me because I didn’t do it on purpose and I hardly enjoyed it at all.  Also cream in coffee counts, which makes no sense to me because it is all a part of the cup of coffee.  I think there is something wrong with this program and decided to no longer participate.

I have been told by some very good sources that you can eat all you want and lose weight if you exercise.  They are wrong!  Marching in place for five minutes does not make you thinner.  Dancing to one song on the radio every three days does not help maintain weight loss nor does lifting your legs ten times while lying on the couch watching TV.

I bought a Fitbit but I believe it was defective as at the end of the day I only had about 3,000 steps on it.  I also bought one of those wonderful recumbent bicycles which was perfect.  My friend had a matching one and we decided we could chat and ride every night after supper.  We actually did; for a little while but over time there just didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to fit this in and our nightly rides became fewer.  It was so much more pleasant to sit on our couches in our own homes, with our feet tucked up underneath us and chat later in the evening.  Of course, by then it was snack time so perhaps a little munchies went along with the conversation.  The bike has been moved to another part of the house where I no longer have to look at it.  I feel this was a very good choice and besides riding a bicycle may cause knee injuries so I feel the decision was the right one.

So for 2018 I have decided to change my New Year’s resolution and make my priority about thinking positively.  My daughter seems to think I have a little bit of an attitude and perhaps a few more smiles would be beneficial.  I am sure she is right and I am definitely going to make an effort but I’m not sure I will be very successful.   Oops, sorry, that should say, I am going to give it my all!

Thanks for having coffee with me.  I had a leftover gingerbread boy with mine but just to show good faith I didn’t eat his legs.  How is that for positive thinking?  I think I feel slimmer already!

©Gretchen Huntley

Rhyme for the day

I don’t seem to be good at walking miles

Perhaps I’ll lose weight doing 100 smiles

Junk I won’t eat all day and all night

I’ll only munch when it feels just right

Perhaps in the end I will be slim as can be

Oh well, not to worry, I’ll just wait and see

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