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Gabbing with Gramma Gretch: It’s almost moving day!

Gabbing with Gramma Gretch: It’s almost moving day!

I’d ask you to join me for a cup of coffee this morning but I think I have packed all of my coffee but maybe you will just sit down with me for a few minutes and help calm my shattered nerves.

Well, on May 31st I move into my new home in Gananoque.  I have lived in the same house, just outside of town for fifty-one years and in less than two weeks I will become “a city slicker”.  I am very happy about the move; well, I am sort of very happy about the move.  In all honesty, I leave with mixed emotions.  My husband and I raised our family here and one minute I feel like a traitor and the next I am elated about the convenience of being right in town.

It has been hard to begin again without my husband but life goes on even though so often we would like to turn the clock back.  As my daughter says, “Mom, the house is only bricks and mortar and you take the memories with you.”  I know she is right but some days it isn’t quite so easy to think that way.

Not bragging but, basically, I am a pretty organized person so I have thrown myself into the downsizing and packing with a vengeance.  The only problem seems to be that I get a little overzealous in the packing department and seem to neatly box and seal things that are a must in my day to day living.  The other day, I hopped into the bathtub to have a nice soak and scrub off all of the basement dust and dirt.  Once sitting in my nice toasty warm water, I reached for my bar of soap which turned out to be about the size of a toothpick.  No problem, I will just pop out of the water and get a new bar but alas, somewhere on my porch carefully sealed away is the rest of the soap.  I was very careful with my ration of soap and later in the day drove all the way into town to buy more.  Of course, the soap was on sale for five bars for some wonderful price so now I have more soap to pack!

I am not going to tackle the kitchen until the very last week as it seems to be where I have more things that I need all of the time.  However, I have another issue; coffee mugs!   I have a set of twelve that I kind of like but I also have five that I like better and I also have two that I really like.  Now, what do I do, take the complete set that is so so.  Take the incomplete set that I like better along with my two favourites which go with nothing or just give up and use paper cups for the rest of my life?  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Bedding is my next dilemma; how in heavens name, I ask you does one pack bedding?  I have purchased those big plastic bags that you put your things into then suck all of the air out and they go flat as a pancake.  These are amazing if you are coordinated and can get the air out and get the bag sealed and put the plug in before the air starts escaping again.  I think I may throw everything into garbage bags and hope they don’t accidentally get taken to the dump instead of the new house.

I absolutely cannot pack anything in the computer room because it is my link to the outside world.  Once again, though, there is much chaos.  Does one really need fourty ball point pens; some of which still work?  Does it really make sense to take the time to pack a stack of scrap paper which normally is put to good use but now seems like the garbage might be its new home.  Does one really need three telephone books when there is Canada 411 on the internet?  It would be impossible to pack my daily planner as I wouldn’t know what I am doing each day and I couldn’t actually pack it even if I wanted to because I can’t find it right now.  I hope I didn’t have an appointment today.

So, folks as you can see, life for me seems to be a little bit complicated or maybe it is just me.  Trust me though, I can still find my coffee maker and my favourite coffee cup! I am sure my next blog will be about the joys of unpacking and trying to find a home for everything.  I probably will wonder why I have fifteen bars of soap so in case I ask, please remind me of the bath with the smallest bar of soap in history.

Well ,thanks for sitting down with me today and I will look forward to sharing a cup of coffee with you in my new home; that is if I survive the move!

Rhyme for the day

Packing isn’t very much fun

You box and sort til day is done

You move it all to another place

Unpack and try to find some space

For everything you didn’t need

Moving is complicated, yes indeed!

Thanks for spending time with me!

By Gretchen Huntley

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