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Gabbing With Gramma Gretch: I am downsizing!

Gabbing With Gramma Gretch: I am downsizing!

I am downsizing!

Hope you have time for a cup of coffee with me this morning; I need it!

In three months I will be moving into a smaller home and thus I am facing that evil task called “downsizing”.  We have lived in the same house for fifty-one years and now it is time to make a change.  The decision didn’t come easily but I know it is the right thing to do.

What I didn’t know is making the decision was the easy part; getting rid of what I really no longer need is the hard part.  Do you know how much stuff you have that is of little value or no value at all?  Trust me, it is a whole lot!

I began sorting in the basement which had been my husband’s domain and sadly it was time to get rid of things that had been important to him and I might add, also not so important at all but nevertheless they had been saved. Tools, books, magazines and odds and ends that not only had no meaning for me but some of the things I didn’t even know what they were.  I don’t understand though how catalogues from thirty and fourty years ago needed to be kept.  I silently apologized to him as many of his treasures made their way to never never land.

Now we come to my treasures.  First of all, I would like to say that every ball of yarn I own is necessary to my world!  When packing, every single one must go with me,  because you never know when you are going to need a ball of purple bumpy yarn or orange fuzzy yarn to complete a project.  So, to my very kind helpers in this project, I say, “Do not touch my yarn!”

We move on to the more questionable items such as a tan beaded belt that has never been worn because it is too small for me.  Do I save it in the hopes I lose twenty pounds?  I also have ten hands cut out of Bristol board to be used for display purposes at a craft sale if I ever make any fingerless gloves to sell.  So far, these have been of little use, but maybe someday; right?  My cupboard holds at least thirty wine glasses; all dusty from lack of use but I tell myself, who knows maybe I will entertain for my eightieth birthday.  I still have my beautiful coin belt from my belly dancing days which is hard to part with because as you know jingling that belt was the only thing I was good at in that bloody class.  Oh the list goes on!

Being the clever person that I am (I use the term loosely), I have three boxes on my porch.  The giveaway box, the throw away box and the will I give it, throw it away, or keep it box.  I have the latter box worn out from taking the items out and moving them to the other boxes or a few times just sticking the treasures back in the closet.

I have discovered downsizing is not fun, it is physically and psychologically tiring so in the end I think I will just go make myself another cup of coffee.  Due to the stress, I find myself under I’d  better grab a couple of cookies too.

Rhyme for the day

Downsizing is not much fun

You sort from morn til day is done

Then you sort it all once more

Be careful what you throw out your front door

The thing you throw away you’ll need

And it will be gone, oh yes indeed

Perhaps upsizing is the thing to do

Just take everything along with you


Thanks for having coffee with me; I sure needed a friend today.   By the way if you want to have a look at my giveaway box just give me a call.

Gramma Gretch


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